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With 20 years experience, Tom Simmons started at the bottom working for his Uncle, Howard Phillips. Howard Phillips, now retired, was the premiere remodeler in Zionsville and Indianapolis. He is a Life Director of the Indiana Builders Association, 1984 Builder of the Year, and one of the first Certified Graduate Remodelers to list a few credits.

After working to Vice President, in 1997 Tom Simmons took everything he learned, and started his own company. Tom Simmons Inc. focus’s on customer service, as well as being there for any of his customer’s questions after the project is completed. Even if the question is on Sunday, and about a part of their home he didn’t even work on. “Providing superior customer service can be challenging at times, but that is what we all need in these busy times.”

While customer service can be challenging, quality craftsmanship comes easy to Tom, and his very experienced team. As Lead Project Manager, Dominick Moran was part of the team at Howard Phillips Inc., and joined Tom Simmons just after his company started. The two work together, as one person able to be in two places at the same time.

Tom Simmons is a Builder Association member, Certified Graduate Remodeler, Certified Graduate Builder, and has 20 years experience. See the references yourself, and let Tom Simmons Inc. become your lifetime consultant and builder for your home.

There are as many reasons for remodeling a home as there are homeowners. Maybe it is finally realizing that long-held dream. Or, maybe it is a change in home fashion and style preferences. For the Murphy’s—Dan, Sharon, and daughter Megan—remodeling was imperative. Their family unit was soon to grow but not in the traditional sense.

In 2001, the couple began exploring adoption opportunities through the state. Six months of training, home visits, and prayers didn’t move them any closer to adding to their family. That was until Sharon Murphy learned through her church about a child in need.

“I had been open to adoption for a long time. We were interested in going through the welfare system, but it just taking so long. Then we heard about a student from Hungary who was attending Pike High School but whose living arrangements had fallen through. I talked to Dan and Megan,” remembered Sharon Murphy. “We went from going the this long process to getting a child within days.”

While the family was weaving its way through the welfare adoption system, the realization hit that they were going to be strapped for space. Buying a larger home seemed like the obvious solution, but the Murphy’s loved their cozy, three-bedroom ranch they called “home” for 15 years. And, the thought of leaving their village-like neighborhood that is within walking distance to restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and Megan’s high school was too much to endure.

Several years before, the couple hired Tom Simmons, C.G.R., C.G.B., owner of Tom Simmons Incorporated, to remodel their kitchen. They were impressed with the work and with Simmons. In the business for 20 years, Simmons decided to branch out on his own nearly eight years ago, specializing in major remodeling projects. Simmons’ knack for design came in handy for the couple on a tight timeframe. In less than a week, two architectural renderings were laid out on the Murphy’s kitchen table.
“Tom came up with two options. One was redoing the downstairs, keeping everything on one level, but there was only so much space we could use,” said Murphy. “The other option was to build up.”

Building vertically instead of horizontally not only complements the home’s interior and exterior, but it is the perfect way to add bedrooms and an extra bath. “We started the project in July 2001, and it took about four months to complete,” said Simmons. “It was a fairly simple process. Basically, we tore off the roof then built the floor system over the existing ceiling joists. The walls were next, and finally, the new roof system.”

But the project wasn’t as simple as Simmons makes it out to be particularly when contending with Mother Nature. Because the roof was gone, every evening during the four-month project, Simmons and his crew tangled with a 60’ x 80’ tarp used to protect the exposed first-floor ceiling as well as the completed work. Fashioning a “peak” in the heavy material to cover the day’s handiwork , the men draped the large cover over one side of the house, pulling and tugging it over to the other side.

“We tied it off, strapped it down, and braced it every evening just like it was going to storm. Luckily we didn’t have that many rainy days,” said Simmons. But there were rainy—and sleepless—nights when the large, heavy tarp flapped free of its restraints.
“We had the construction manager’s phone number, but we knew Tom so when anything happened, including rain in the middle of the night that was leaking through the cover, we called Tom,” said Murphy. “He showed up within 30 minutes and did what needed to be done. He didn’t come in and say, ‘OK, I will get somebody out here.’ He just started working. We are very impressed with him as a professional.”

Not long before Thanksgiving and only two days before the Murphy’s exchange student moved in, the 1,000 square foot, three-bedroom/one bathroom second story addition was ready. The Murphy’s loved it and their neighbors were relieved. Concern the addition may not blend in with the other homes was brewing in the neighborhood. But the Murphy’s project is a testament of skilled artisan—the addition looks as if it is part of the original structure.

“Yeah, it looks pretty nice,” said Simmons, a modest man of few words.

It has been nearly two and a half years since the Murphy’s welcomed their first exchange student, an experience more fulfilling than expected. The family continues to be surrogate parents to students from overseas.

By Lisa Floreancig for The Indianapolis Star

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